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Welcome to my web site.  I have put this website together to share information about myself and create awareness about special needs.  I also am a big advocate for inclusion of all students in classrooms as much as possible.  And to demostrate to the world that no matter how many disabilities you have or how many labels the doctors put on a person, EVERYBODY has gifts and skills to share.   My blog provides an opportunity for me to share my past and current challenges and successes of my special needs life.  

I love working on Art projects and making music.   Even though I am legally deafblind and have spastic quadriplegia, I can make very cool art working with my family, peers and teachers.  I create music all by myself using my iPad and have it compiled by my dad into songs for your listening enjoyment.  My best instrument is the harp.  I completely enjoy Art and Music and hope to add a store to sell my treasures.

Another important idea that I propose is that having individuals with different abilities in classrooms, work setting, universities, etc., enhances the community and provides as many benefits for non disabed individuals as for those with unique needs.  To understand this message, see my "Tana Vogele story" in the You Tube video section that shows how my friends and teachers feel whom I have gone to school with for six years. 

My parents have become involved and passionate advocates for me and others in the disability community.  My mother has become certified by the State of Minnesota so that she can help families in MN.  So, if you live in Minnesota and need help writing a plan for a CDCS waiver services; my mother Stacey Vogele is certified by MN DHS to help you out with this and has information about her services on the CDCS Waiver Services tab of this site.   Be sure to check it out.   

I hope you enjoy my page and me sharing information with you. Have a great day and enjoy looking around.



Tana's Treasures