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I'm Tana LaLoni Vogele.  I am 12 years old, and my doctor's thought I might go to heaven before I turned two!   I have special needs and people tend to stare at me when I’m out in public.  Granted maybe it is just because I'm so cute!  Some people may think I’m a little different or a little strange and it is true I don’t fit what is considered the norm as I have a few challenges in life.  I'm disabled as most people would say, but I just like to say I’m me and I have special abilities.  Medically speaking I have cerebral palsy of unknown origin. I also have epilepsy, I'm tube fed, I cannot talk, walk, sit alone, or bear weight on my legs.  Although I'm not able to talk like everyone I do have a few ways to show the people who know me a few things like saying Yes, No or whatever. But I'm tricky and I'm not always consistent with it. I also hate stuff in my mouth as I don't eat. Having my teeth brushed is about all I can take. Believe me you quickly find out "No" if you try to brush my teeth:)  I had bad reflux when I was a newborn and had to have a couple surgeries for it. I think this is why I don't like stuff in my mouth and why I don't like to eat what some people might call normal food. I also don't swallow well, so I need to be suctioned quite a bit and that can be a little bothersome to some people. I have a tube going into my stomach that feeds me on regular intervals and I get all I need for nutrition from that. The formula I eat would be my normal food.   Granted the doctors have me on a special formula and diet called the ketogenic diet to help with my seizures.  Oh and I have about 24 medications I have to take daily to help with some of my symptoms. It is nice though all of those meds just go into my stomach directly through the feeding tube. I don't have to taste or swallow them. 

Despite a ton of testing and research the doctors are not able to find out exactly what is causing my condition, but none of us care. All that matters is I have a lot of friends and family that love me lots.  I’m going into the sixth grade now and have been mainstreamed with my peers for all of my school years.  I have some very wonderful and caring friends and I have had some awesome teachers throughout the years.    I think my parents are still amazed how many close friend I have in school that even ask if they can be in my class the following year.   My friends are the best and I enjoy going to school to see, hear, participate and be around them.   

Oh another thing I should mention is my Mom. She is my special care taker. I'm telling you don't mess with my Mom when it comes to me being cared for and safe. She will go nuts on you if you don't listen up. Heck she even fought with some doctors when I was in the hospital once as she wanted me to get my food going sooner than later. I'm telling you she can kick some butt and if you don't believe me ask my Dad.  Mom says its her Mama Bear mode.  

Well I hope you enjoy my page and me sharing information with you. Have a great day and enjoy looking around.


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