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Because of my special abilities I need help with my Art projects, but I participate in my own ways such as; choosing colors, holding the paint brush with help moving it (sometimes I do it myself), dropping objects onto different projects and a lot of times I help paint myself, my mom or dad and the Art teacher.   I participate in art with an art specialist that comes to my home (actually two of them on different days) and, I attend art classes at an art studio near our home.  I have made painings, clay projects, and pottery, and other interesting art projects.  I have even donated my art to a local non profit/charity called the St. Paul Park and New Port Lionesses Club.  They use the funds from the sale of the art to do great charity work in our community. 

The music I create is done with applications on the iPad my mom was able to get me through my CDCS wavier.   I have many musical applications and these I use to create music all by myself.   I especially like my harp application and I often play dinner music for my parents.   I'm still working on putting this together but it will be added to my store soon, so keep checking back. 


Tana's Treasures